1116 6mm is Changing!

1116 6mm is Changing.

From October 1, 6mm will be moving from 1116 on the AM band to 91.7 on the FM band and will be called 917 The Wave. While still providing exciting content for the 35-plus audience, 917 The Wave will have superior sound and reach with a fresh and expanded line-up of exciting new shows.

Why are you changing to FM?

The government body that regulates radio stations, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), granted AM stations in a solus market the right to move to the FM band. Increasing interference on the AM band was degrading the quality and range of AM stations, so they decided AM stations would be allowed to move to FM to protect the integrity of their signals.

Why are you changing the name of 6mm?

When 6mm launched in 1988 the station served the Mandurah and Murray regions, hence the MM name. Since then, increasing population in the area meant people from different regions were tuning in. Because of the move to the FM band, we took the opportunity to change the name to something that better represented our coverage area.

Can I still listen on 1116 on the AM band?

As part of the agreement with the ACMA, we have to turn off the AM signal after 28 days, so we’ll stop transmitting on 1116 AM after the 28th of October 2018.


AUDIOWest Coast Radio Chairman Ian Bassett-Scarfe talks about the history of 6mm.


Public Statement of commencement of new FM service.

West Coast Radio advises it intends to transmit a new broadcast service on 91.7 FM.

The transmission is scheduled to commence 12am on the 1st of October 2018 in the licence area Mandurah RA1, covering Mandurah, Murray and Waroona.

If the transmission is causing interference please contact the following.

West Coast Radio (08) 9581 2666 during office hours. 

Office location: 141 – 143 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah 6210.

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