Photo: Yarloop Hotel

‘There’s very little of Yarloop left’

A Yarloop resident who stayed to defend his home says there is “very little” of the town left and has slammed the Government saying fire crews ran out of water while trying to defend properties.

The Yarloop Bowling Club president Ron Sackville said the town had been “wiped out” by the raging Waroona bushfire with the majority of buildings gone.

“I believe I couldn’t get all the way down there but I believe the museum is gone, the old hospital, most of the houses, there’s probably only about 10 houses left, the post office survived, the hotel’s gone, the bowling club survived,” he said.


“Basically everything on the hill is gone.

“There was no stopping (the fire).

“It’s pretty grim down here at the moment.”



The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has confirmed at least 121 homes were lost in the Yarloop fire with business and tourist attractions also gutted.

Three people remain unaccounted for in the town with investigations underway.

Mr Sackville, who has lived in Yarloop for more than 10 years, said he saved his home and the horses in a surrounding paddock but can see the devastation the fire has caused.

He said he is angry fire crews were left “helpless” as the town ran out of water while fighting the blaze.

All that's left of the Yarloop pub.

“The water situation is absolutely disgusting, the Minister for water should resign. There was just no water here to fight the fire. The fire trucks didn’t have a chance. they couldn’t fill up and were pretty much helpless,” he said.

“The trucks ran out of water last night.

“We complained about the water situation last year with the hydrants not working and now we are faced with the absolute devastation of a whole town.”

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  1. So sorry for their loss. People of Mandurah are rallying to assist as many as possible.

  2. Lots of Mandurah residents sent bottled water for the fire fighters to drink

  3. My prayers are with you all . I am so sorry to see the devastation. I am in Broome and many of us here are emotionally and spiritually connected to the town. We feel helpless. Bless you all.

  4. I don’t understand. Ran out of water??????

  5. Our Daughter has just found out , her house and horses in Yarloop are all O K Also her neighbours house

    • Still trying to contact Kevin Matthews whom left the house on thursday afternoon with 3 dogs.
      Definitely got to Cookernup

  6. so sad the hospital in Yarloop where my sister was born and my Dad died in has gone.
    So sad that the pretty town of Yarloop has been destroyed.

  7. I am so disgusted water corp should pay for this! My son lost everything he owned last night now probably his job. He left with the cloths on his back and his dog. He has lived in yarlop for nearly 5 years and loved that town. To think that water corp didn’t have it in their budget what a crock! I hope to god they find them three that are missing as they will also have to answer to that.!

  8. I’m hoping my uncle Ghosty and crew are safe. If I can help in any way contact me

  9. To think of such loss and I know personally of a man( un named) who was asked to commandeer his water truck for help and his selfish response was to ensure the tyres were flat and then went on to brag to shop owners about it, well…he has to live with that decision, but he probably has no conscience…..sickens me!!!.. Heartfelt thanks to all firefighters …ypu do an amazing job and I appreciate your efforts…😘

  10. What can you say in the face of such devastation? Prayers certainly but I am not sure how my faith will help those poor souls who have gone through this nightmare. Nevertheless, I offer prayers for you and hope that you find the strength and faith to rebuild your homes and your lives. God Bless all of you.

  11. Your water supply should have been improved last year, why wasn’t it done.

  12. Just to think of the loss of yarloop a very nice small town
    My prayers are for everyone hopefully you will be able to rebuild and make it a town again…
    You are all in my prayers

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