The Lucky $5 Note!

Check your five dollar notes, as you could be carrying the Lucky Fiver!

Be the first to find one and get it back to us to score CASH!

The prize cash has been topped up by an extra one thousand dollars!

This week’s serial number is: DH 160 025 140

  • Monday March 20th: $2,695
  • Tuesday March 21st: $2,700
  • Wednesday March 22nd: $2,705
  • Thursday March 23rd: $2,710
  • Friday March 24th: $2,715

If you have the Lucky $5 Note, you need to bring it into the station before 5pm this Friday (24/03/17).

Thanks to The Cooks Kitchen and 1116 6mm!

Competition Terms & Conditions

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  1. Hi. Desperately trying to hear the clues for 23 and 13 down, haven’t managed to hear these last 2 to complete the crossword!!!
    Thanks in anticipation.

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