Early plans for a Lakelands skate park

Plans for $2.2m skate parks in Mandurah

The City of Mandurah has commissioned plans for $2.2million worth of skate parks to be built in the City’s growing north and south.

In the study, undertaken by Enlocus Consultancy, it’s recommended one of the parks would be built in Lakelands, another in Dawesville and extensions made to the current Falcon site.

The study will be presented to councillors at this week’s meeting with support for the project sought.

Under plans to construct all three parks by 2020, $1.13m would be allocated for the Lakelands site, almost $650,000 for the Dawesville site and almost $500,000 for the Falcon extension.

The study found youth (5-19 years) numbers in Lakelands and Dawesville would grow by an estimated 80% and 60% respectively over the next 10 years.

That’s compared to the City’s youth average of just 27%.

The plans identified Banksiadale Gate in Lakelands and Moora Close in Dawesville as the most suitable sites – but given the recent development of Ocean Road Active Reserve reducing available space, the Dawesville Community Centre in Florida is now viewed as the most appropriate site.

Plans for the Dawesville skate park.
Plans for the Dawesville skate park.

The Falcon Skate Park – already located on Flame Street – would get a resurface, expansion including a bowl section and street course, seating and shade areas and lighting to extend the hours of use.

Under the plans, to be put to Mandurah councillors for support this week, the Falcon upgrade would be complete by 2017/18, the Dawesville park by 2018/19 and Lakelands by 2019/20.

At the time of the study, it was not clear what the outcome of the Bill Bowler Skate Park would be given the new Mandurah Bridge plans.

Plans for the Falcon skate park.
Plans for the Falcon skate park.

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  1. Waste of money, put the money into something that will draw in tourists (roller rink/ice skating/bowling) anything leisure related that would creat an income.

    • It’s there to service the expanding number of kids that live/will live there, not for tourists. Kids need slate parks. They’re free, they’re accessible all year round and they are great for the local community. Go back in your hole, no one goes to roller rinks and all those ooptions would be privately owned only generating income for said business owners, most likely large chain. That’s not good for the community as a whole.

  2. I was at Busselton Skate Park, on the week-end, and the number of youth it drew was incredible.
    Busselton had a state of the art Skate, Scooter and BMX Park.
    Kudos to the City Of Busselton, for being so forward in their thinking and developing a theme park, for the local youth to use. There was no Graffitti and the facility was well maintained and local users, integrated with tourists, with no anti social behaviour.

    Wells done City Of Mandurah, for adopting a similar vision for our youth.
    Undrr the scheme of things 2.2 million for an upgraded skate park facility is a small price for the tourist it will generate and the purpose it will provide for our youth of Peel.

  3. Youth Worker @ Heart

    About time City of Mandurah starts updating the young people’s skart parks would be great if it was connected to other youth friendly activities – internet cafes, food outlets, social outlets, clothing shops or places like Make Place in town.

  4. build it right next to the other skate park in town this way will create more business for the closer shops

  5. Lakelands is s stupid idea. Its way too far from any decent public transport and way too far from the central mandurah town site. Its alright for the maybe 10 kids that live in lakelands that skateboard to travel into mandurah on the bus but you cant expext the other couple of hundred kids to bus it from all over just to get to lakelands. It needs to be an extention to the billybowler skatepark in the city centre or its just a waste of money. Being a skateboarder of 19 years in this town id say i know just a little bit about the economics of this sport in this town.

    • Lakelands is a huge suburb and growing very rapidly with the eastern precinct well underway. There’s a primary school, Lakelands baptist college catering from kindly to year 12 and another high school opening in 2019 so obviously there’s more than “10kids!” The shopping center is underway and there’s a brand new suburb already advertising as “Lakelands north” is huge up here, seems like a great idea to have something for the kids to me!

  6. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, why not put the money into housing, like homeswest for the countless amount of people waiting & have been waiting for years & the homeless what about them, they really need to think more about why they are putting this amount of money into a skate park when it can still be used as is.

  7. When will there be something like theme park to bring visitors in. This would be a bigger advantage to Mandurah.
    Visitors to mandurah aren’t going to go out of their way to use something that should be included in original site plans for subdivisions anyway

  8. More great plans for all to benefit from. So proud of Mandurah. It is ever improving in so many ways. There are so many things that people can go & see & do here that cost nothing. That’s good for all residents & for tourists. We are so lucky to live here. Good work Mandurah Shire👍

  9. Awesome best news I’ve heard. My son loves these skateparks and we travel far and wide to visit the best ones now we will have one down our street. I’m very happy thanks

  10. Glad to see this funding come through for the youth of Mandurah, it seems is well overdue.

    Hopefully these projects get a bit more thought than the previous extensions to Mandurah skate park. They were poorly designed, poorly constructed and not very cost effective (bigger ramps, bigger rails and vaster areas of concrete don’t necessarily mean more fun 🙂

  11. It’s great to hear that the mandurah counsil is actually doing something for the youth of Mandurah.Lets hope that they employ an expert on skate park design the parks for the kids.

  12. It’s a shame they don’t expand the foreshore park for the kids who live in the Mandurah Central area as well. It always seems that they are the “forgotten ones”…….Come on you lot……

  13. The one planned for Lakelands is a waste of cash, ok, they are building a new shopping centre and boutique shops that’s fine, but why do we need a skate park for, why ruin the beautiful parks and surroundings we have here in Lakelands. There are more dogs in Lakelands than kids, so why haven’t we seen a fenced in dog park been put forward. Then that would stop all the people exercising their dogs on the school oval, that would also stop the whingers also complaining about the dog mess on said oval. Come on Mandurah council all you are doing is pushing the kids away from the foreshore and central Mandurah, so that we look more inviting to tourists.

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