Scott Hefford claims he was attacked by three men outside the Brighton Hotel. PIC: Nine News

Mandurah bashing victim speaks out

A Falcon grandfather has spoken out for the first time since he was knocked unconscious outside a Mandurah pub.

Scott Hefford, 52, was left with bleeding on the brain on Sunday night after he claims he was attacked trying to protect his daughter, Meegan, outside the Brighton Hotel.

Ms Hefford admitted her dad confronted the group of men after one of them tried to hit on her and she declined.

“We went to walk out and that’s when the guys got really angry and pushed me and I’ve gone flying and dad’s obviously seen it so he’s just gone up to them,” Ms Hefford told Nine News.

Mr Hefford claims a brawl erupted after three young men followed him outside.

“I was dragged down to the ground, a couple of guys held me and there was just feet and hands,” he said.

Mr Hefford was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery to stop a bleed on his brain.

Mandurah Detectives are still working to determine exactly what happened and are yet to lay charges.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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  1. Mandurah has turned into an unsafe yuppie s**t hole, not safe to go out with the family at night anymore. In fact has not been safe for quite a few years. High time something was done to sort this sort of rubbish out. After having our teenage son bashed on New Year’s Eve near the stage and being hit myself we will not attend any more water frobt events held at night

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