John DeBellis


About Yourself: Fell in love with the radio business way back in the 70’s when mum bought me a transistor radio (it was a red one).  I would listen to this thing all day and all night.
The excitement, entertainment and music that came out of that mono speaker caught my imagination and yes I was hooked.
By the age of 16 I was working part time at the local stations, mainly making coffees for the announcers but also learning as much as I could about the business.
When I first arrived in Mandurah with my family over 10 years ago, It felt like I was on a holiday.  I still feel that way; there is something special about the Mandurah way of life.

Favourite Music/Artists: I have always thought the 80’s was the decade that produced some of the best music. But looking back at the last 10 years or so, Paul Kelly, John Butler and more recently Imagine Dragons.

Favourite Movies: The Avengers, Godfather part 2.

Favourite Food: Pasta Marinara with parmesan on the side.  Oh a nice red.

Favourite Fictional Character: Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank engine (I have a 7 month old at home)

Hobbies: Fishing and playing with my 7 month old.

Who would you take to dinner and why: Bob Dylan, Barack Obama and Her majesty Queen Elizabeth.  Dinner to be held at Buckingham Palace; I hear they put on a good spread.