Digital Radio

Digital Radio in Mandurah and the Peel?

As you may be aware, DAB+ free to air digital radio services are currently only available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth with low powered trials also on air in Canberra and Darwin.

The radio industry has already started planning the digital radio rollout into other areas including the Peel Region.

The Federal Government has allocated VHF Band III spectrum in regional areas for the rollout of digital radio services.

However, just as for the television digital switchover, the radio industry is seeking funding assistance from the Federal Government for the cost of rollout in regional areas.

The industry launched a national information campaign mid 2013 so that  listeners could sign a petition and register support for digital radio expanding into regional Australia with local MPs via a website .

The campaign went into a rest period as a result of the Federal election but will start again in the New Year.

We hope you’ll join the campaign when you hear the ads on 1116 6mm and help us to get digital radio free to air services here as soon as possible.