Police at the scene in Ellenbrook. PHOTO: Brenda Cooper/Facebook

Baby boy rescued from car parked at Perth shops


Police say the mother who left her 14-month-old son in a parked car at an Ellenbrook shopping centre “forgot” about him.

Police were called to the Main Street and The Promenade, Ellenbrook carpark where they found the boy locked in a white Hyundai i30.

The child was visibly distressed (crying), hot and sweating before officers made the decision to smash a window to get him out of the car. St John Ambulance officers provided care at the scene and no hospitalisation was needed.

“It was established the parent had genuinely forgotten the child was left in the vehicle at the time and no charges will be preferred by police,” a police spokesperson said.

“Another family member arrived shortly afterwards to provide support to both the parent and the young boy.”


11 30AM: A 14-month-old baby boy has been rescued from a car parked at a Perth shopping centre, on a day where the temperature is forecast to reach a scorching 41C.

Police officers were forced to smash the car’s window around 9.50am to free the baby at an Ellenbrook shopping centre after he was left alone in the vehicle.

Centre management reportedly put out a call for the baby’s mother to return to the vehicle over the PA system before officers made the decision to smash the window.

It is believed a woman returned to the vehicle with a shopping trolley a short time later.

Police are now investigating the incident.

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  1. Charges must be laid even under the understanding ‘she forgot’
    What outcome will occur on her next ‘forgetful’ error with an infant. No charges, pff disgraceful

  2. Forgot!!!!!! Cods wallop, car parked under shade sail, she thought it would keep the car cool while she went shopping. DOCS should take the child off her.

  3. I am sorry but how the hell do you forget your child is in the car …..???????

  4. I wonder if this is the first time she’s done this or the first time she’s been caught!

  5. Were was Child Protection in this. If police dont prefer chargers under child protection they can.

  6. Bullcrap!!!

  7. She should be charged….help her to remember !!

  8. For those insisting the parent be charged – it’s a known issue that a parent can genuinely forget a child is in the car. It can be as simple as putting the booster seat on the other side of the car or changing a routine.

    If you could imagine your own distress if this happened to you… I am sure the mother is 100 times more self-punishing for this than any sentence.

  9. Jennifer campbell

    I forgot my baby one morning i packed the baby bag pram got my handbag got in the car drove to the end of my street then it hit me! I had forgotten my baby!!! So yes I do understand this happening BCAUSE it happened to me!!!!

    • It definitely can happen. usually fueled by exhaustion, or an unexpected occurrance distracting the parent, and the child is asleep in the back, or doesn’t say anything the whole way there, sometimes an argument with someone that morning, a deadline at work, or even a phone call. Distraction is a terrible thing, and every parent has had a moment in their life where they were just lucky a child didn’t get hurt due to it. If the mother had come out of a pub, a casino, or just left her child intentionally, that would have been different. she is probably grateful the police were called.

      Once my son ran out on to the road because i let go of his hand to get the car keys out of my bag. he nearly got hit by a passing car. It was a horrible mistake, and something I shouldn’t have done, but it happened, and I’m sure it has happened to others with less fortune. arresting me won’t change the fact that my son was nearly killed, and the stress of it all gave me nightmares, and vomiting for days. parents aren’t all heartless, but they are not perfect either.

  10. It’s very simple if a mother forgets she has a child and where her child is…… That is a mother no child deserves . What a disgrace!

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