The rope burns Lawson Mills suffered.

12-year-old charged over horrific Perth rope trap

A 12-year-boy will face the Perth’s Children’s Court today, charged over a horrific rope trap set up in Perth’s CBD last week.

Nineteen-year-old Lawson Mills was lucky he was not decapitated when he rode into the rope strung up across Wellington Street on Thursday night.

Mr Mills was then glassed by what he described as a “group of children” as he tried to move away from the trap.

But the 19-year-old told Nine News he believes the trap was a sick joke gone wrong.

“Maybe they had some malicious intention, maybe they just wanted to hurt somebody. But I am prepared to give to give them the benefit of the doubt,” he said.

“They seemed pretty young after all. Maybe they didn’t understand the consequences of their actions.”

Mr Mills was taken to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment to the rope burns/abrasions to his neck and the laceration to the back of his head.

Police have arrested a 12-year-old Bayswater boy as part of the investigation into the matter.

He has been refused bail and will appear in court today, charged with one count of wounding.

Mr Mills' neck injury.

Mr Mills’ neck injury.

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  1. OK so we accept that the rope could of been a prank gone wrong, we have all seen it in the movies and rarely shows injuries caused, just the actor flying off their bike, horse etc. BUT to then bottle the guy round the back of the head !!! This was not harmless. What is this 12 year old going to be like at 20……….. Why is this not attempted murder ? surly the rope itself had the capability and intention (given the bottle attack that followed) of killing someone and was pre-meditated. Going soft is only opening the doors to this sort of inexcusable behaviour. Find them all and bring down some heavy charges. What’s next kids throwing bricks off bridges !!!! just another prank….

  2. A shocking thing to happen. My question is, what were these children doing in town at that time of night unsupervised? Trouble was around that area a few years ago but was policed heavily to sort it out. Recently the problem is creeping back in around the city.

  3. They were just a group of kids in the middle of Perth, playing “pranks” on people….
    Yeh right! I don’t buy that crap! They knew EXACTLY what they were doing, because once the poor guy came off his bike, they then proceeded to assault him.
    This kind of behaviour is disgusting! I hope whoever done this is penalised adequately!!

  4. What a sick joke! I bet if the prank was reversed the parent off the boy would want them charged ! It’s a serious crime they committed could off caused death ! They must be charged and sent to adult prison end off story

  5. Come on you good dooers, it surely is time toing back the birch etc, you wouldn’t see this in Singapore, we are far away to soft with our criminals in this country

  6. The “joke” will be on society if the magistrate doesn’t go hard on this little criminal.

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